Samstag, 4. Februar 2012

Off we go... or ... Yi Lu Ping An !!!

Less than half a day and we are finally off ! The packs are filled halfway (incredible, I actually made it to only 10kg for Kjell and I and Kjell's pack weighs 4kg) and leave enough space for new clothes and souvenirs.
NOW, I have a good feeling.
Last calls with Omas&Opas and a last glass of Red with my hubby. I am sure, he will enjoy the 3 weeks without us as much as the three weeks of vacation with us. ;-)

Tomorrow morning 11am, we will head to Hannover Airport, take the plane to Istanbul and -aaargh- have a stop-over in Transit Area for almost 5 hours. That will be a drag and Thank Jobs the iPad will save most of my time... ;-)

I just learnt yesterday that TA has excellent Inflight Entertainment, so I suppose the flight itself will go by pretty quick.
'just wonder how we will manage the temperature boost from Minus 15 to Plus 35 ! That will be challenging.... ;-)

Ok, next post will be arriving from Asia !!!!!

Like my good old friend Becky just chatted: "Yi Lu Ping An" which roughly means "On the road, safety and peace" !

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