Dienstag, 7. Februar 2012

BKK and great loos...

7th of Feb. Wow, what a first night... we really fought time difference... went to bed at 6.30 pm and Kjell woke up at Midnight to tell me that his night was over... it was boiling in our room and so we sat there half- naked playing cards, listening to the iPod and finally going back to bed at 4 am... we woke up around Noon, had a great first breakfast in Bangkok with scrambled eggs, fruit pancakes and mixedfruit shakes... Gosh, so happy... ;-) Our hostel is really great. We can stay in our room until checkout and our hostel in Vientiane won't charge me for arriving one day later... great news!
So what to do on  such a hot day? We took a bus for tiny 13baht (I got "ripped off" as they charged Kjell as well) to the newest Shopping Center in town: Terminal 21. That place is really amazing not only because of the perfect climate in there but also for incredible food places

 as well as the high tech Japanese toilets!! Kjell had to go 5 times (without me ever forcing  him) to be able to sit on a heated, butt splashing, blow drying loo.... Hardly ever had that much fun in a public bathroom.... ;-)

The way back took more than one hour in the steaming traffic and we sure got intoxicated by rush hour's pollution... back in KhaoSan we ended up at McDs to get some Chicken Nuggets and he had to promise that this was only a horrible exception. While I could stop at every food stall to get these lovely  chicken, whatsoever offers Kjell still keeps on proclaiming that the smell is awfull everywhere. But I don't blame him. I love the smell of spices and incense sticks and he just needs to get used to it.
Fish Spa!! Yes, we did it. Kjell wanted to and was screaming like hell when the first fish actually hit his feet. I was shocked by the way my feet  looked like after a few seconds: as if I was wearing thick fishy moon boots!!! One of the staff said to me :" They just like your sweet skin!" While one of the other tourists  looked at me and stated:"Honestly, I would wonder and ask myself why...." ;-) Well, I prefer to believe in the staff's words, enjoyed the nibbling and tickling and Kjell said that when Daddy will put his feet in there even the other fishes from other pools will jump over to that "party dinner" feet! We will find out in three weeks!! ;-)

A great first day is over and Kjell starts to getting  used to everybody wanting to touch him, "hi baby-ing " him. People just love kids and I can tell how little he is used to that friendliness... but he starts grinning back and that is the best sign. We are feeling great!

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  1. Sounds like you had a great first day. I too would have visited a heated, blow drying loo many, many times. I hope tomorrow (or is it already the next day) is just as much fun. :-) Travel safe, my friend.