Mittwoch, 29. Februar 2012

A Fairy Tooth in Bangkok and being Three again!

26th of Feb and early in the morning we flew back from Chiang Mai to Bangkok. Nuy and the dogs waved us GoodBye and Nuy really was very excited about the Flower arrangement she got from Kjell (he saw it at the Night Market where a man was creating all kinds of nice things likeflowers, hats,.. from Palm leaves). We landed as planned half an hour before Jens did and we were both really psyched to see him again! Kjell was holding up a paper that said "Daddy Jens" written in Thai on it and people asked us whether Kjell knew Thai... ;-) Finally the family was reunited again and we drove into Bangkok to check into the Rambuttri Village, from my point of view the worst one so far. Next to Lamphu House but much bigger and the rooms were not as clean as the previous ones. Nevertheless, it had one big plus: a swimming pool on the roof!!! We spend the rest of the day at the pool, swimming while Jens took a nap and got used to the heat shock! 

27th of Feb was a lazy day at the pool and an introduction of Jens to Khao San crazyness as well as TukTuk driving to Hualamphong train station to get our tickets from Surat Thani to Bangkok ( our final trip at the end of our journey). In the afternoon Kjell came up with a huge surprise by loosing - halfway unexpected- his left front tooth.... He was so proud and I suddenly realized that we would never see his lovely tooth gap again. To celebrate this, I went out for a perfect Thai Massage and was supposed to meet up with The guys at the Fish Spa (something that Kjell wanted to show Jens so badly). When we met Kjell had this really strange grin on face and I suddenly knew what was about to come: That actually expected-to-fall-out right front tooth was gone as well!! I could not believe my eyes !!! Now his gap is huge and he started even to lispen. At night we went out for a nice dinner to celebrate this event! Kjell had Icecream and Jens his first Thai food (pheww, which he actually liked!) Guess what... they even have a Tooth  Fairy in Thailand!! :-)))

28th of Feb and we left hot and sticky Bangkok to get down to the South of Thailand! Via Air Asia we flew to Surat Thani and after a one hour delay were picked up by a driver to drive 1,5 hour to Khao Sok National Parc. 

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