Samstag, 21. Mai 2011

Turkish Airlines !!!! Yieeehaaa !

Alright then ! The tickets are bought ! We will now head for Bangkok on February, 5th 2012 and be back in Germany on the 17th of March. The tickets were comparibly inexpensive and I am glad that Kerstin took the time to check in her travel agency. Wow, I cannot believe, we are actually doing this.. well, to be honest I CAN believe it. I am so excited and looking forward so much to planning, organizing and re-planning and re-organizing the route.
Know what? I am the most excited about not having to wear any make-up, lipstick, hairspray for 6 long-weeks !!
So much things come into mind.... what about all that technical stuff? In former times when I used to travel with my ex, there have been some few internet cafes but no skype, no Facebook,.... one call during the trips to our parents. We also survived and did not feel tracked.
I suppose, this time it will be all different ! I am planning on taking an Ipad with me. Not only for I-access but also to keep Kjell busy during the trips or whenever it is needed to relax !
Well, I will come to that later in a couple of months. ;-)

Sonntag, 8. Mai 2011

My first blog.... ;-) We have arrived !!

Ok, so this is my first try to work with blogs.... kind of like writing in a diary - as I used to do when I was in my teenie years.

What will this be about? Well, I suppose this is for us, for our son.... something to remember later.

A couple of weeks ago I started with the planning of our first bigger trip to Asia.
The moment Kjell stepped into our life, I decided: The year he will start school, I will do a longer vacation trip with him.
And suddenly I realized: Whoops, that is next year already. So, here I am ....
No idea, how this will work and turn out but at least I give it a try !