Sonntag, 15. Januar 2012

Packing and preparations !!! And, why do I need a walk-in closet anyway?

What an initial mess.... ;-) Way too much stuff, too many clothes.... but after downsizing it all to the minimum and by still having a good feeling about our travel gear .....

... we are finally fully packed up ! 'Still enough space in our backpacks for souvenirs and other Kjell treasures !!!

Now, I will only have to wash the clothes to get the back-at-home feeling when unpacking at the almost-other-side of the World and to update my first-aid-kit.
Oh, yes, and to get the final vaccination for HepA.... (Cheers to Kjell)

Yesterday, I -again- spent hours on travelfish, loneyplanet and tripadvisor to catch up on the latest topics, advice and for the first time got concerned about some perturbing news on terror warnings in Bangkok. But I will just dismiss this as normal fear of not wandering around on fussily organized and well-structured German grounds! ;-)

One thing, I really prepared is making sure that if I ever lost my innocent, wild but starry-eyed little boy in a 11-million-metropolis or somewhere on the wild countryside, I would have a slight chance to get him back immediately. First of all, I got a metal casing, really small, to wear as a necklace where mine and Jens' phone numbers are noted as well as the number of my friend in Germany for worst case (THANKS Dani !). Secondly, Kjell will always carry with him the current hostel card and I will note my phone number on his arm as well. As he does not speak any English yet, I hope, I made him clear enough that being shy in those moments won't help him much. I suppose, being prepared for the worst will avoid anything serious to happen.
Travel insurances have been taken out as well. Travel documents are copied and also stored as .pdf in my email accounts.
Strange, in former times while traveling as a backpacker, I never cared about such topics but becoming a Mom prompted me to see things differently....

So far, that is about it !
Besides, I am not leaving for the Jungle (not for the main part at least) and will be able to get whatever I need in common stores.

Aaaargh, and still 3 more weeks to go...

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