Mittwoch, 19. Oktober 2011

The route is fixed now....

Ok, I have to admit.. it took some time to post again but being Mummy, wife and fulltime employee in a pressureful job can sometimes be extremely exhausting.
'looking forward so much to leaving this life behind for 6 weeks and concentrate on only being a Mom, Wife and relaxed travel mate ! ;-))

The itinerary is fixed !!!!! It took me eves after eves.... hours on Tripadvisor, LonelyPlanet and Travelfish. Agoda became my best friend ! ;-) Great to be able to book, feel save and cancel again... ;-)

2 am in the morning going to bed after having checked on billions of comments on "horrible beaches vs. best place ever": "Honey, it won't be Koh Yao Noi anymore... now it will be Koh Tao. Cool, hum?" "Yes dear, whatsoever.... Koh WHAT?"   ;-)

So, there we go from 5th of Feb to 17th of March ...

 * Bangkok - 2 nights
* Off to Laos by night train
* Vientiane - 3 nights
* Vang Vieng - 4 nights
* Luang Prabang - 4 nights
* Back to Thailand by air to Chiang Mai
* Chiang Mai - 6 nights
* Flight to BKK and landing 30 minutes before hubby sets his foot on Asia for the first time (what a great timing!)
* BKK - 2 nights
* Khao Sok by air to Surat - 4 nights
* Phuket - one night
* Koh Lanta - 5 nights
* Koh Yao Noi - 5 nights
* night train back to BKK - 2 nights

All 12 hotels are booked and half of it paid already to split the costs.

I even booked some tours such as Patara Elephant Farm in Chiang Mai ("Be an Elephant Owner for a day" with a German speaking Mahout and a reservation of a baby Elephant for Kjell) as well as a tour with Green Mango out of BKK to see the Swimming Monkeys that Kjell saw the other day at German Kids TV.

We are already so excited and I am more than ready to just leave....

Next update will be on expenses, vaccinations and packing stuff !!

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  1. Hey Birgit,

    just put your blog into my newsreader.
    Keep on blogging, I am really excited to read about your preparations.

    Best wishes